Sunday, December 22, 2013

I Get By with a Little Help from my Friends

When you know someone for a long time, you find yourself mimicking their mannerisms, thinking their thoughts, becoming more and more like them in all you say and do. When you truly know someone like that, it's wonderful, and it's frightening, because you realize that there's this person, this someone so completely not you, that means so much in your life. In your soul.

When you know someone so completely that the silence in the air is crackly with unspoken conversation, when the words they say have hidden meanings, when you can truly and fully understand a person, and resonate with all of their being, that, my friend, is glorious.

I am so grateful to have amazing, God-given friends that bless me each and every day. Friends that are more like family, and that have seen me at my worst {*ahem* my entire 7th grade year}, but stick by anyways. What a blessing!

Oh and guess what it's almost Christmas and I can't believe it I'm trying to believe it but I simply cannot and I have been trying to usher it forth by listening to the Relient K Christmas album  to make it feel more like winter but alas it is a balmy 82 degrees and yet it did not deter me from donning a red scarf to church today and oh my these Christmas commercials are making me feel the feelings what is this emotion 

Literally, I can't believe Christmas is right around the corner. I'm spending the last few days before it hastily {procrastinating} making my Christmas cards, caroling with my church group, hanging out with my splendid pals, and getting uber emotional at the new Apple commercial with my mother. Really, Christmas and other family-oriented holidays (read: Thanksgiving) seem to just get more and more emotional each year. Suddenly I am not the little girl running around the house, the one with the chubby cheeks and the new Christmas dress. No, I'm the 20 year old at the adults dinner table, not yet an engaged cousin, but no longer a young teen. It's great, and it's scary, and it's life.

I hope your Christmas is splendid! I had a great morning worship service with my church group, and it is always refreshing and healing to hear the voices of the people I've known my entire life singing to the Lord. I hope that this Christmas finds you basking in the light of His blessings, and celebrating the Savior that, out of love, was born to die for us. Merry Christmas! :)

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