Wednesday, December 18, 2013


It doesn't seem real that in only seven short days, it's going to be Christmas.

Last Christmas was....different. It didn't feel much like a holiday, what with grief looming over my house like an ever present dark cloud. I can't believe it's been a year since last December. In many ways, it feels like my grandfather passed away years ago. Memories can be like that -- elusive, fuzzy, on the fringes.

This Christmas, despite it being cheery and nice and normal, doesn't feel much like Christmas, either. It hasn't been super cold here in the South; it's only just now starting to feel like Fall! My mom hasn't had as much holiday music on rotation around the house, and our Christmas tree is artificial.

That said, there have been bonfires and late nights in sweaters and scarves, even if they are entirely unnecessary. And soon there will be caroling and marshmallows, family and the Bible, Christmas morning spent eating waffles in my pajamas.

Sometimes I wonder what God thinks of Christmas. It has become so much of a shopping event, focused on presents. But there is still hope. It's encouraging to walk past houses that still have nativity scenes, or my personal favorite, a Santa Claus praying next to a tiny manger. I've seen several cars in the past few days with "Keep Christ in Christmas" bumper stickers. There are people out there who still celebrate the Savior.

Also, on the more hilarious side, we have this:

Go about your day, good people.


  1. You have a point, it's not about shopping or presents but the birth of Christ, so we should be hopeful and joyous at that wonderful day. I hope you have a merry Christmas :)

  2. i can honestly tell you that i have never had more christmas spirit than i have this year. and i have just lost myself in serving others/being with my family/and yeah, shopping. shopping for them. i hate the whole consumerist side of it but gifts and giving i'm a-okay with. and i'm sure God is too, when your heart is in it to win it. you know?

    anyway, i related with this post, so thank you for sharing it.


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