Friday, December 13, 2013

On Distractions

Sometimes, when God has something really amazing for us in store, or plans to use us in a mighty way, the devil lobs distractions like bombs into our lives.

It is both encouraging and discouraging to know that the devil is out there, fighting against me.

It's discouraging, obviously, because I am easily distracted by anything, really. Especially my own selfish desires. The devil will use whatever he can to get my sights off of the Lord - stressful school work, temptation, worry, even beautiful things like new records or a cool show. He'll do anything to get me more focused on the gifts than the Giver, especially at Christmastime.

It's encouraging, however, to know that I have opposition because that means God is using me. If I wasn't going anywhere, and had no potential to impact others for the sake of Christ, to be a light, to really matter, than the devil wouldn't bother. But the fact that he is trying to distract me and throw me off my game shows that I am headed in the right direction. I should be more concerned if there was no opposition at all.

It's going to be tough. It's going to be hard. Following Christ means loving Him more than I love stuff, places, people. It means I'm going to have to sacrifice buying that amazing vinyl that I want that has "just a few" minor hiccups. It's going to mean possibly deleting this blog if I feel it's getting in the way of my relationship with Christ. But most of all, it's going to mean running into the loving arms of my Savior because He is the only thing that can truly satisfy me.

The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still. - Exodus 14:14

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