Friday, December 20, 2013

Obsessed with: Andrew Garfield

You know those glorious, inexplicable days where you just wake up cheerful and oh-so-excited? That's me today. Chipper and happy!

It has everything to do with Christmas being five days away, and me finally having time to sit down and write my novel, and the good-smellin' Pumpkin Caramel Latte candle I currently have resting on the corner of my desk. It might also have a whole lot to do with the fact that I found this here *ahmazing* website dedicated entirely to gifs of Andrew Stinkin' Garfield.

I'm not usually a fan of celebrities, but can we give it up. CAN WE JUST It doesn't help that I was already totally obsessed with Spiderman (read: the best of superheroes, seeing as he manages to pull off a Spandex suit AND a career in journalism - like a pro!). I was content with Tobey Maguire in the first three films, but then they cast this glorious creature of British awesomeness and Tobey was no longer my favorite superhero actor. So long, Tobes.

And then there's Emma Stone. Anyone who tells you they don't approve of the Andrew Garfield/Emma Stone off-screen romance (aka "Stonefield", which is equal parts adorable and creepy), is lying. Just look. JUST LOOK AT THIS GLORIOUS LOVE There are entire blogs dedicated to these things, people. Entire blogs!

Another thing I am currently obsessed with (though not as much as Andrew Garfield, I will admit) is this wicked awesome PicMonkey feature, Snowfall, that lets you digitally paint snow onto the photo of your choice. This is marvelous for many reasons:

One. It doesn't snow here in the South, or at least not where I live. No, I could roll on down to the beach right now and stick my pinky toe into the ocean and not have a problem. It gets cold at night, but barely. So the chances of me taking a photo like this, with Actual Snow, is -17,000%.

Two. I've never even seen snow. There was that one time that I went to Georgia for the Passion Conference and it fell in my eye. It was actually quite glorious. When snowflakes fall from the sky, it's kind of an emotional experience. But a cold one. A freezing one. I was not amused. Anyways -- suffice it to say that snow-painting my photos is the closest I'll get (for now) to a legitimate snow day. Sigh.

On the bright side, here is a digitally altered photograph of Andrew Garfield in the dead of winter:

Have yourself a Merry little Christmas.

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