Monday, December 30, 2013

"Follow Me"

Do you ever try to plan something out, and then have it all come crashing down to the ground because you just couldn't make it work?

That's how I feel right now; fallible. And surprisingly, it feels good.

I try to live my life in my strength A LOT. I want what I want, and I think I know who or what will fit best into the story of my life at any given moment. I try to write it all out and plan it.

What a sad, boring way to live! I've found that God's little surprises are the best in the world. When God provides, and does something big {or even seemingly small} in your life, it moves you. It absolutely baffles me to know that we have a God, Jesus Christ, who is able to reach into the tiniest personal details of our lives and make things happen -- or not happen!

For a long time, I thought experiencing God was getting all emotional at a youth camp or conference, and having super passionate moments of worship, tears streaming, hands raised. That can be true, sure. But this past summer God taught me that none of those trappings are what it's all about. Instead, it's about getting to know a Creator that can comfort, guide and discipline me in my daily life. He is the One who whispers, "I'm here."

This is why I find it so important, so very vital, to seek His wisdom. I bet you've had your fair share of shortcomings, too. It can be so sad to see plans fail, and fall, and change. But when you spend time each day, in every moment, striving to glorify God, and coming to Him with your hurts, your pain, even your anger, He changes your heart.

God can lead you on the path of life. You only have to agree to follow.

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