Saturday, February 8, 2014

Get Me Outta Here

My feelings regarding the university I currently attend: Eh. It's fun. There's that class I like....everyone's nice. Sometimes, I even have Meaningful Conversation with people and actually learn things.

My feelings regarding the college I'll be going to in the fall: HOLY CRAP AM I EXCITED!!

Reasons to Be Excited:

>>> My sister & my cousin are going with me. Yes, Lord willing, it's going to be my sis and my cuz and I all dorming in one tiny little room for a year. HOW AWESOME IS THAT PEOPLE?! I know we're going to get even closer {read: my family's already super tightknit}, and I couldn't be more pumped about that.
>>> I already know people going. The three of us already went to the on-campus, two-day tour of the college, so we met students studying there. We're going to be hanging with these same students this summer, when we do our scholarship volunteer work. Everyone's super kind, super rad.
>>> IT'S A BIBLE COLLEGE!! I'm getting a little worn down in secular university, where my science professor teachers our class that the world is billions of years old, and where anthropology is less the study of man and people and more about pushing an evolutionary agenda. Not to say that it's not important to be around the world; it is, of course! We can't just run from people not like us, or we'll be running for a long time. {Or, living holed up, all alone in a cabin, with no one but seven cats to keep you company.} I just can't wait to be around people that value the Word of God, and also want to spend a year of their lives digging into it.
>>> I don't have any more reasons, I'm just really pumped. I mean, I'm sure there's more; I know there's more. I'm just GAH! so excited.


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