Sunday, February 9, 2014

Things I Am Discovering About Myself

Three things that have come to my attention as of late:

>>> one. I love lazy daisy cake. My mom made it for my sister's 19th birthday, and OH WOW, was it good. We're not talking just any kind of cake, here, people -- we're talking glorious, glorious HOMEMADE cake, whipped up from scratch, with the delightfully sugary accommodation of vanilla frosting and coffee flavored ice cream added to "the mix". {Punny, I know.} Anyways, that cake was so moist. It was unreal! I'm probably making you hungry. If so, GO GET SOME LAZY DAISY!

>>> two. Guys in kilts are not altogether unattractive. I know this only because my mom and sister and I went out to eat yesterday at a very English restaurant, where all of the servers had to wear plaid skirts. And let me say, men in kilts are sort of alluring. Especially when they wear them with studded rocker belts. What's up with that? I was diggin' it. lol

 >>> three. Graphic design is extremely enjoyable. I have to take an art history/graphic design class right now, so I'm learning all about typography and fonts and so on and so forth. It's actually really fun! My school schedule is exhausting me, of course, but if I have to be exhausted by something, I'd prefer it to be an intriguing class.

Thank you, and goodnight.

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