Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Spaghetti & Aussie Jams

This week, my parents have been giving my sister and I a little more independence. My meal choices so far:

Sunday: Tuna; spaghetti
Monday: Tuna; spaghetti
Tuesday: Sandwich; Tuna
Wednesday: Tuna 

Aaaand you can guess what's on the menu for dinner tonight, hehe. (Surprise: sketti. Or chicken, I'm not sure yet, actually.) It's been a pretty decadent meal selection these past few days. I eat so much tuna fish and pasta that it should be illegal. But, hey, score one for diversity because this week, I even made myself a salad. *maturity*

On a note completely unrelated from the prior one, I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to this little treasure on the way to school today:

I'm not always Christian music's biggest fan (especially not the blippy pop they put on the radio), but Hillsong United is way different. I'm finding that what I listen to before classes actually ignites me for the day. Sometimes, secular music is great (right now I'm digging old school jams like The Beatles and The Beach Boys), but it's amazing how a morning drive of worship fuels me during the day, and keeps God-centered lyrics bouncing around in my head. Epic!

Hope your Tuesday was gloriously glorious. And when I say Tuesday, I mean Wednesday. My brain has been rattling around in my sorry skull for weeks now. I'm everywhere; all over the place. Oh well! Happy Tuesday/Wednesday. :) 


  1. NO! Spaghetti should never be illegal! =O Spaghetti is one of the most per-fected meals on the planet. ^-^
    Mmmh, yes, I love it when worship songs pop into my head in the morning and keep "bouncing around", as they did just this morning!'s rather sad,how the "blippy pop" that is titled "Christan music" is all they play on the radio...most of them barely scratch the surface of what being a christian is all about, so I'm pretty selective about what I listen to as well.
    I'm really liking this picture btw, would you mind if I pinned it? It's got all the colors of the rainbow, a wood grain background and light... <3

  2. Yeah, why do the Christian radio stations play stuff that is only of one genre? And the lyrics don't even seem that great, either. :P Sure, you may pin it! :) :D


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