Friday, February 28, 2014


Write 1000 words toward book (fiction or Yoga/Pilates/Chakra based). Write and submit/publish at least 3 articles on Yoga and Pilates to online sources. 2-3 new blog posts a week.
A couple days ago, I sat down to blog. You know those days where you just stare at a blank document (or canvas, or wait in silence) and just can't seem to produce words, art, or music? That was me.

There's such a remarkable difference when I'm inspired. Today, I am dripping with inspiration and joy.

I want to do everything - write songs; pen my novel; clean my room; get lost in the mix CD I just made; take photographs in the garden; celebrate life. It's joyous and delightful to enjoy expression - we can create because we were made in the image of our Creator.

Today is going to be grand, I can already feel it. I might have gotten off to a slow start since I woke up late this morning (on account of staying up til three last night, typin' out 15 pages of my novel).

On this glorious Friday, I am celebrating all things purple and floral, my record collection, breathing and being alive. Oh, and music and words. Those, too. Thanks, Lord, for the beauty of inspiration.

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  1. Yes!!! Get inspired, get creativity flowing through your veins, show us some words and drawings and music notes.... i couldn't imagine a life without art.
    Enjoy the weekend!


Go with grace.