Friday, October 30, 2015

can amazing things happen again?

This is the cover of my current journal. Incidentally, it coincides with one of my all-time favorite Bible verses, which I think is pretty gnifty.
"For when You did awesome things that we did not expect, You came down, and the mountains trembled before You." ~ Isaiah 64:3
So that's all very cheery and nice, but I'll admit that at this present moment, I feel a bit discouraged.

Do you ever focus on all of your failures? I'm working on achieving a goal right now, and I'm not even halfway there. Yet, I've made progress. But somehow, instead of seeing how I'm slowly but surely accomplishing things, I focus on how I'm not there yet, on my setbacks, on the impossibility of it all.

I hate that.

I know God is a God of hope, and that these feelings do not come from Him. Amazing things can happen. Amazing things do happen. I just wish I had the constant confidence to believe that God will make these things come to pass in my own life.

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  1. Amazing things WILL happen. Because our God is a God of miracles and the impossible being done.


Go with grace.