Tuesday, October 13, 2015

i just want to change the world

Today is not necessarily a bad day, but it occurred to me, as I gazed out the window to my left instead of my computer screen full of tasks, that I'm kind of in a rut.

Doing the same things. Eating the same things. Going to the same places. Always pushing God off. Never having "time" for music or writing. Stuck in the suburbs, never in the woods.

Life is good, don't get me wrong. I'm just beginning to realize that I am by no means content with chasing a degree, then a job, then retirement. With my every last breath I want to bleed and love and live for other people, to impact their lives, to do something great and artful and worthy of the Lord's having given me a life in the first place.

I'm dying to do something that will impact eternity in some significant way. I'm so tired of just existing. 


  1. You should help out with the Rainbow Village ministry! I know it's not exactly changing the world but it is helping make a difference in the children's lives in this broken down community and ultimately our long term goal is to reach the parents too. We also need people to hand out flyers too. They're small things but they are going to be big things for the kingdom some day. And it's definitely not a waste of time. Just a thought :)

  2. I know the feeling, girl. You're restless to do more - FOR HIM.
    But you know what? You're in the perfect spot for that. Because He can only use individuals who are ready and willing to cooperate with His touch. Hold on for the wild ride of whatever He's about to bring your way. He has amazing plans for you. Plans for you to bleed and love and live for others. And one day you will look back and be so thankful for this time in life, where you sought Him and His will with fervor.
    Stay strong!

  3. I have been researching all kinds of wonderful volunteering opportunities that combine with travel, lately, from WWOOFing to volunteerworld.com, and even if you have just a bit of savings and a job that lets you take a couple weeks off, it's so possible to have a refreshing adventure without completely flipping your world upside down. Who knows? Maybe you'll meet somebody who volunteers for a living and can teach you how to get out of the rat race and join them. :)

  4. You all are too kind. Thanks so much for your feedback. It means a lot!


Go with grace.