Wednesday, October 21, 2015

there is no pain, you are receding

  • I'm digging 80's tunes today. Maybe it's because it's Back to the Future Day? I don't know what it is about old music, but listening to amazing retro songs that were created before I was lights me up inside. That goes for any era of jams, but right now this song is my spirit animal.
  • God's been opening up some pretty amazing opportunities for me with journalism. At the start of this semester, I wasn't even sure if that was the major for me. But He has been confirming that I made the right choice, in so many little (and big!) ways. That's a glorious blessing in itself.
  • I've been reading the Word more and it's so calming. The Lord really corrects my mindset when I go astray.
  • Digging around for inspiring images to help me write yesterday, I found a fair amount of really cool black & white historic photos. If you dig into the archives, you can find some pretty stellar shots.
  • Excited to run tonight. Sometimes I get burnt out with it, but now I'm ready to hit the pavement again in the park.
What does Wednesday look like for you?

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  1. Retro music is the best! I'm super fond of music from the 30's. There ain't nothing else like it!

    As for waffles, pancakes or scones.....waffles every time!
    <3 Amy


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