Friday, October 9, 2015

canoe glory days

One of my church's annual fall traditions is the all-church canoe trip. It's synonymous with all that is autumn, and for me, officially ushers in the season. On a Saturday in October, we drive a couple hours up to the canoe outpost for a day spent out on the river with family, friends and turkey sandwiches. After canoeing, we head to a woodsy property owned by one of the church members and play volleyball and eat pastries.

And it's tomorrow! I'm irrationally excited.

The canoe trip has been a tradition I've attended so often that I have a myriad of memories attached to the different times I've gone. Each trip is different, but they always seem to call to mind the soft layers of a cotton hoodie, a chill fall breeze, hamburgers and cold river water. Also, Milo Greene. Milo Greene is forever and always the soundtrack in my mind to these canoe trips.

+ Click here for a taste of my fave canoe jams.
+ Click here for a woodsy record I reviewed for my vinyl site.

Do you have a favorite fall tradition? Favorite fall song?

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  1. It's not a tradition maybe, but I have some music on my iPod that I turn on only during the fall. :D


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