Monday, October 12, 2015

the weekend update

Yesterday was a really hard day.
But to quote Fleetwood Mac, "Yesterday's gone.....yeeeeesterday's gone."


  • My church's annual canoe trip went pretty well. My sister and I didn't tip over or anything (it's happened before), and although we did crash into some spidery branches, it was an overall success. My friend Austin took this photo of us talking with odd feet synchronization at the cookout afterwards.
  • My mom treated me to a cup of pumpkin soup after church. Smiles were had, spoonfuls were enjoyed. 
  • She also made a really phenomenal pot of pea soup for dinner. I don't know, I guess yesterday was a day for soup. Although not a soup-er day. (I hate my puns, too.)
  • A pair of aqua eyes that were kind and friendly.
  • Finally finding time to clean my closet. It's good to see the floor again. 

Tell me about your weekend, punk. 


  1. I love souppppp. I'm sorry about yesterday; that must have been tough. I love you though and I hope this week brings spiffy joyful Fall-like memories.

    1. I love you too! Thanks :) Hopefully this week will rock.


Go with grace.