Monday, October 26, 2015

such a love as this was bound to consume me one day

Life Revelation: I've started to notice babies more lately.

And wonder what mine will be like, and whose eyes they will have, and imagine the man that will be their father smiling and laughing. I dream of raising them, these wild yet tender little children, and how I will help them with art projects one day, and listen as they sing songs.

I wish could protect them from the inevitable pains of falling in love, and ensure that no one will ever come along one day and break their heart or tell them they look fat. I wish I could cushion them, but I can't. And I don't know, I think about these things more often now.

+ This picture has absolutely no pertinence to the post, but I had to post it because I just stumbled upon it in "the archives". Love these two little nuggets. They are my favorite people, period.


  1. You already have such a mother's heart. That's beautiful to see. I pray you're blessed with many little ones someday <3

  2. Beautiful words. I experience a similar dream. x


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