Tuesday, October 6, 2015

not another fall post

It's officially fall. And I cannot contain my joy.

For me, fall is synonymous with my church's canoe trip, and hay rides, Pumpkin Spice Lattes and cozy sweaters, warm, flickering candles and a really good book. I was walking and praying today and asking God if it could always be October. Fall really is the season of my soul.


+ This cozy couple. Who are they? Where are they? I need to find out so they can tell me how I can be them.

+ My current favorite fall song, "Never Heard a Sound" by the Paper Kites. You'll be pleased to know that it has been fall-walk tested and 100% approved for optimum strolling joy by yours truly.

This post basically made me die wanting to see trees change colors. Where I live, it takes many, many months. I can still walk on the beach in December, folks. This is my life.

What is your favorite fall essential?

SIDE NOTE: I can't even begin to tell you all how encouraging your sweet comments are. You are all so special, and creative, and beautiful. I think it's crazy that God lets me brighten the days of others I don't even know, and vice versa. Y'all make me smile (:


  1. ah YESSSSSSSS another fall post!!! ^u^
    Today in Kansas we're having a 60 degree overcast day and the tips of the maple tree down the street are just starting to show their true colors. :) So this post is just on time!
    and gosh that couple- I totally agree! If you do ever meet them, you'll share what they tell you, won't you??? ;D Of course you will. ;)))
    Hmm, never heard the song! Which means-it must be checked out now!
    T'was indeed a most lovely post- those majestic pine trees awed me. <3
    Favorite fall essential? Hmm...probably half hour walks. Can't experience fall without 'em!! ;D Otherwise- it would be my camera. Even though it's not really what most people would expect when they hear "fall essential"- but I seem to live outside the box, so I'm okay with that. ;)


    1. Ooh, can't go wrong with a camera. Gotta capture all that fall festiveness! Glad to hear you're enjoying some chilly weather. :)

  2. Fall is all my soul wants to sing. World finally fits my orange sweaters.

    1. Right? I was just thinking about a yellow chunky knit sweater that I need to break out when it's chilly enough ^_^

  3. That Paper Kites song! I discovered the band through an indie/folk compilation video and "Paint" made me fall in love with their music.
    Also, I noticed that you comment almost on every post I publish and it makes me smile everytime, so thank you! :)

    1. Ooh, haven't heard "Paint" yet. Need to check that one out. And your blog is awesome, so thank you! haha


Go with grace.