Thursday, May 29, 2014

British Day

Earlier this week, I met my sister and cousin (the same sister and cousin that will be dorming with me, Lord willing, this year at Bible college!) for the most epic of celebrations -- our very own British Day. We made scones, sipped tea, listened to British bands on vinyl, and sat engulfed in quilts galore as we watched the televised glory that is Benedict Cumberbatch. Oh, Sherlock. We finished the first season; can't wait to watch more! It was definitely a day well spent, and we plan to do it all over again next week. Tally ho!

Tom Odell was a favorite! Quite emotional music for scone baking, hehe. We also listened to Mumford & Sons, Queen and Coldplay.

The scones turned out pretty wonderful, and tasty as ever. We ate them with little chocolate tea crackers while watching Sherlock. My sister (below, on the left) printed out a recipe, which was pretty dandy, if I do say so myself. I could eat these all over again!

My sister also was devious and printed out this little Polaroid-type photo of Benedict Cumberbatch, who watched over our proceedings for the entire day, like some disgruntled British angel. Blessed, blessed Benedict. Please smile.


  1. Mmm! Those scones look delicious! I love all the photos!
    Brooke Jordan
    Pineapples & Daisies

  2. Such great pictures!

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