Friday, May 2, 2014

Film Friday #2

This photo was taken of my parents in Michigan, probably around 1994, since it looks like my mom's preggo with my baby sister. I love this photo because it speaks to the very playful nature of my parents. (They actually bought a two-seated bike for the family six or seven years ago!)

On a similar note, today God is teaching me all about selflessness. I'm still reading Passion and Purity by Elisabeth Elliot, and He is shaping and refining me through it. I think about the future a lot: marriage and who I'm going to marry, but the Lord is actually preparing me for my husband right now. And there is no room for selfishness in marriage! I'm grateful that God cares about me and wants to continually change my heart. And I'm also grateful for crazy parents that wear sweaters and ride around on bicycles built for two.


  1. I WANT A TANDEM SO BAD. :) they're so so awesome. Ahhh, the 90s.


Go with grace.