Monday, May 12, 2014

Musical Men Mondays: Harry Styles

I know, I know. This post is indulgent. This is a shame. I should not be doing this. Perhaps that is true. But I love music, and I love men, so what could be better than featuring a musical man every Monday? One that dazzles with both physical appearance and musical talent? For the first post of the Musical Men Mondays series (yet another feature; I can't help it, I like routine!), my good people, I give you: Harry Styles.

I will admit that Sir Styles does not have a voice as worthy as other male singers, for sure, but I will also venture to say that none of those other male musicians could so perfectly pull off a teddy bear knit beanie with nubby ears. (Nubby ears!) He's kind of a gangly, bushy haired little creature, but he also has the best voice in One Direction and seems like a whimsical sort of lad, so he is totally justified in being picked for this post.

Track to listen to: "Stand Up" by One Direction.
I quite fancy the bridge, where Harry busts out in jubilant song all on his own. Whatta gem.

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