Monday, May 19, 2014

Musical Men Mondays: Bastille's Dan Smith

This week's good lookin', great singin' musician of the male populace is the lead singer of Bastille, otherwise known as Dan Smith. I find him remotely handsome, and an excellent singer, but really I think we have gathered here today to discuss the sheer wonders of his voluminous hair.

I mean, just look at it. That height. That lift! I don't know what kind of product he uses, but it is working for him. His hair is defying gravity.

Besides having achieved the noteworthy accomplishment that is Having Perfectly Tousled Hair, Dan Smith also is the owner of A Seriously Wonderful Singing Voice. I may be in a British phase right now, but I am seriously into that halting (and haunting) English lilt in his voice. I remember downloading "Pompeii" when it was still a free single on iTunes and being absolutely intrigued. Sadly, the song is now overplayed, but it's still a solid track. Check out "Bad Blood" and "Get Home" for other Bastille jams, sure to rock your socks.

Now, my good people, I must go. But I have a plethora of posts for you to come. Have a great Monday! ~~~~~~

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  1. Cant wait to see your hiking adventure photos! I have never heard of Dan Smith ( I am so painfully out of touch in the music department!) In the interest of procrastinating at work, I am going to search his music out!


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