Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Day

I love mornings where the first thing I do is talk to God. This morning was one of those. Sitting in bed under an impossibly plush pile of quilts and committing my day to Him, then lazily lolling down the stairs to fix myself a bowl of oats cereal. I love how the morning is so natural; with hair un-brushed and a bare face, I sat in bed and ate my cereal, praying and reading Jeremiah 4.  It hasn't been easy to read my Bible lately. In fact, it's been a struggle. But when I do come to the true Word of Life, my heart is filled with joy. It is my prayer that I would always have joy in my relationship with Jesus.

Today is also the first day of May, which means I have roughly a month left before I leave to work at my favorite youth camp this summer. Let this month, this May, be one of refinement and sanctification. And most of all, mornings filled with joy.

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