Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Singing Spirits

Yesterday, I went to a mini-concert that my friend and his brother put on downtown. It was great! A group of friends that I knew from writing for my school's student newspaper showed up, too, and we sat together and talked and enjoyed the wonderfully whimsical (yet haunting) performance. It was so cool to get to see all of my friends again. And it's really fun to see musicians in their element.

It's finally catching up to me that in one month and one day, I will be leaving to work at my favorite summer camp. I've never lived anywhere other than home, but on June 8th, I will find myself surrounded by crazy Christians (a welcome experience) who also love the Lord and want to follow Him.

I can't wait, but I'm also mildly terrified. 


  1. This sounds so fun!
    And I am working at a camp too this summer! I am STOKED!

  2. Hi! Not trying to lurk, but I saw your comment on my boudoir shoot over on Alyssa's blog, clicked your name, and now I'm here. Thank you so much for your kind words! They really meant a lot. You have quite a lovely blog!


  3. There is truly nothing better than live music and good friends :)


Go with grace.