Friday, May 23, 2014

Film Friday #3

Excusing the fact that everyone in this photo is ghostly pale, this is a pretty precious shot. I am second from the left, sporting The Plaid Jumper From Hades. I will be attending Bible college with the two little blondies on the right, my cousin and sister, respectively. And I just went hiking with my cousin on the left.

Thinking about how family-oriented we all are, and how we base our lives around one another, makes me so insanely grateful. I love my family, and just marvel at how tight knit and loving everyone is. Also on my list of things I'm grateful for: photographs like this that remind me that my fashion sense was not all it cracked up to be. I remember wearing tights with tears in them every Sunday morning. The struggle was real.


  1. Aww! This photo is so precious!
    Brooke Jordan
    Pineapples & Daisies

  2. This is gorgeous. I have a photo like this on my wall and it's super similar, the six of us on a couch as youngins', my two siblings and I, and my three cousins. It's a time and memory that is so close to my heart.



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