Sunday, May 4, 2014

Satisfied Sunday: Sleepovers

Last night I got three hours of sleep, but I have no regrets. I haven't had a sleepover with my friends in a long time, but I spent all of last evening (and the wee hours of this morning!) with the two chicas on the left. Let's just say it was a night filled with bowls of gelato, a very squeaky guinea pig named Marvin, Benedict Cumberbatch(!!), and macaroni and cheese at 4 in the morning. Ok.

Sometimes it takes a little effort to get me to hang out with people and spend time with others, but I'm trying to get better about it. I had a great time with these two last night, and I'm so grateful God has placed them in my life. Huzzah!

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  1. Erin!!!! Where have ya been?! I've definitely missed you. I remember reading that you were leaving the blogging world and was sad about it! But you're back! Andddddd I've been gone from the blogging world so sorry if you came back a loooong time ago! Ha! I love those sleepless slumber party nights with my friends! The lack of sleep is worth it! I haven't had those in a while!


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