Saturday, September 20, 2014

Gnifty Thrifty

My first college thrifting trip was mighty successful, if I do say so myself.

Cost: $0.49
My parents were more than kind and purchased a mini fridge for my sister and I to share during the year, and we wanted to start assembling a collection of cheesy but cute fridge magnets! Imagine my giddy joy when I found this delightful little treasure on my way up to the register at the thrift shop. A good reminder when you're having a bad day!

Cost: $1.00
I have the wonderful habit of Never Buying Wallets, so I only own a total of two. The first is a "Girls Rock!" wallet someone bought for me in the third grade or something and has a little rock band of monkeys jamming out on the front. The second, my Mom got for me maybe three years ago and also is musical-themed. Well, it finally broke apart the other day so in my desperation I purchased this dinosaur from the thrift store. EGAD. At least it holds my moolah.

Cost: $6.00
Not a great photo, but now is ALWAYS the time to purchase an Old Navy (new to me, old to navy) anorak jacket. For those days you're feeling a little moody, a little Bella Swan. I DETESTED FORKS

Cost: $0.52
As I am obsessed with stationery and letters (hopefully, a snail mail post will be in the works soon!), I jumped all over the opportunity to buy this pack of blank post cards. I can draw little doodles on the front of them, or glue on vintage photos, and send them to my friends. Righteous!

Overall, a gnifty thrifting day. What is your favorite recent thrift find?

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