Monday, September 15, 2014

Bind These Wounds Which I Have Cut

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What can I say other than God is on the move and the Ultimate source of comfort and joy in my life? You would think that being at a place like Bible college where the Word is constantly being opened and there are tons of constructive, encouraging friendships being made that there wouldn't be any opposition. But more than ever, I am feeling muddled of mind and insecure and so unfocused.

At opening campfire yesterday evening, God spoke to me and showed me that I need to get my eyes back on Him. I've become so unfocused, so distracted. Especially with entertainment standards. It's so easy for me to slip in the little things. But He is all that matters in this hollow, temporary life!! Even if that means throwing out some records or ditching magazine subscriptions.

Fix my eyes on You.
Bind my wounds.
Caress me with Your love and woo me again.

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