Monday, September 1, 2014

Chasing Waterfalls

There was this spot on the Trail that my family and I came upon on our last day of the hike -- a waterfall in the woods. At the base of the falls was an assemblage of rocks where we sat and stared up at the water as it roared over the craggy cliff. The mist was cool and refreshing on our faces. Then we climbed up a little rocky pathway on the right and sat down on some of the rocks by the falls. It was a beautiful moment in creation, with my family and marveling at the Hand that created all we see.

In other news, it's September.
I still have lots to say about the adventures I had in August, but I'm excited for all that September will bring: the last week or so of summer, my 21st birthday, and the beginnings of Bible college. Incredible.

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