Sunday, September 21, 2014

Week One: A Retrospective

For this week's *ravishing* edition of Satisfied Sunday, I bring to you....a list. But not just any list! Oh, no! This list compiles all of the little gritty details about why I am so thankful to the Lord Jesus Christ for this first week of Bible college. #orientation

Bullet Points of Rhapsody:
-- Getting to share a room with my sassy sister
-- Meeting my other roomie, Elizabeth, and loving her immediately
-- Nature walks in the woods
-- Learning to love God's surprises
-- There might have been cheesecake
-- Trips to Books a Million
-- Night runs
-- God convicting and working on my heart through His amazing Word
-- The red velvet cake parfait I just engulfed with glory
-- The book of James
-- Learning to let go of earthly possessions
-- Just some really, really sweet people
-- Learning about the power of prayer!!
-- Writing letters all day errrrrr day

Not going to lie, this first week of classes have been rough. I have wanted to go home on numerous occasions. But this is what the Lord has for me, and I'm going to accept it with open hands.

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