Monday, September 22, 2014


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I had my first laundry adventure in Collegeland, and let me say, it was more than eventful.

My college only has so many laundry machines on campus, so in order to free up the machines for other folks to use, we students are encouraged to pick up our laundry as soon as our timed load finishes. I had tried to be as prompt as possible in picking up my delicates, but I guess the Lord had other plans.

I walk into the laundry room only to find the room filled with guys. Lo and behold, there in a basket is my assorted pile of panties, all exposed and vulnerable. Someone had (quite literally) manhandled my launderings. E. Gad.

Because apparently my pride hadn't been damaged enough, I then had to encounter a Mildly Attractive Sir as I hurriedly pulled my underpants into my laundry bag. Said Sir laughed and remarked that he and the other dudes had "wiped the floor with my laundry." I managed a laugh in what was clearly The Most Dire Circumstance of My Young Life.

But then, oh then, because even this was just not enough, as I am turning to go this dude calls me back and says, "You forgot a sock!" Only lingering in a corner of the laundry basket, along with my sock, is -- you guessed it -- yet another pair of britches.

God has a sense of humor sometimes.
Ha. Ha.

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