Saturday, September 6, 2014

Style: My Mother

I know I don't often post about such things as *fashion* on my blog, and I'm not sure I ever will, but I thought it'd be kind of cool to glean style inspiration from creative mediums, like music and movies I love. And I also wanted to mine the unparalleled treasures of my favorite box of old film photographs for cool vintage ideas. After a nostalgic night of perusing said photographs, here are the shots of my mom and her rockin' style that inspire me the most.

My mom's style, back in the day, was very much about greens, blues, stripes, and purple dusty eye shadow. And of course, some seriously awesome hair. I love her attitude and flair! Oh, Mom. I love you.


  1. Your mom is gorgeous! Love the softball T she's in....I have a few of those! xx

  2. These photos are so cool! Treasure them :) Reminds me of my Mumma, both very stylish ladies!


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