Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Artists & Intellectual Types

So I'm having this obsessively obsessed obsession with all things intellectual, artist, poet. Really refined, pretentious stuff, people. Basically, I now want to be someone's muse, or splatter my hands with pink, blue and neon green paint, and use words like "lugubrious ".

Oh, or watch Dead Poets Society every day. There's also that.

It's probably just college that's doing this to me. I get to take classes with, and generally be around people that inspire me; essentially journalists, graphic designers, and/or people who drop SAT vocab words into regular conversation like nobody's business. It's giving me all these ideas and inspirations to write, to paint. There are so many different types of creators in the world, and it's so exciting. I'm actually kind of giddy about it.

Not to say that all of the intellectual, academic-types I'm surrounded by are hipsters. In fact, most of them aren't. But I'm just kind of following my Inner Pretentiousness here, and this is where it lead me.

Other Pretentious Things I Enjoy:
-- Using enjoyably ridiculous fonts. Let's be real, people, these things are the bomb diggedty. I have serious problems refraining from browsing font websites to pick out THE perfect fontage for whatever character I may be writing about. Aaaand it's also the perfect way to convince myself I am, indeed, doing something worthwhile for my novel other than, well, writing it.

-- Umm, this photo that I found on Buzzfeed, basically detailing the most pretentious graffiti that ever was:

My tears
in a lagoon of admiration
people singing


-- Ok, I can't believe I'm actually about to use the powers of the Internet and my glorious, bloggy blog to do something DEVASTATING(ly pretentious). *sigh* But I am, and that includes posting a picture of a dog in a Civil War outfit, which, to me, is basically the most creepy thing that ever existed.


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