Wednesday, January 8, 2014


In an attempt to express myself adequately, I offer the following letters:

Dear Boy that Wears Snuggly Hats,
Thank you for wearing snuggly hats. I'm a fan of the knit beanie. Alrighty then.

Dear Blog,
Thank you for hosting a myriad of my words and photographs. Even though no one reads them, it's always fun to have a chronicle of things I said and did over time. And #graphicdesign what up

Dear Music Lover,
Wherever this unusually chilly Wednesday finds you, I hope it's with good tunes, your Bible and a cup of coffee. I'll be seeing you sometime soon.

Dear College,
I'm surprisingly enjoying my escapades across your campus this Very First Week of my Fourth Semester. You have brought me chilly mornings, enjoyable classes and encounters with friends new and old. So thanks for that, college. You rock for that. Don't hate me when I get all angry at you during midterms.

Dear Vinyl Store,
I have yet to visit you this year. But a trip is coming, rest assured.

Dear Head & the Heart,
Thank you for making music that makes me feel like I woke up in the woods. Even if I'm just driving downtown, I still feel woodsy. YOU ACCOMPLISH GREAT FEATS

Dear Photos,
I have been too lazy to take you.

Dear Socks,
I've been wearing you more often than not this week. My toes send you their appreciation.

Dear Me,
Sometimes, you aren't good at remembering. Sometimes, you forget the lesson you have just learned, or worse, think you know better, and try to do what you want. Newsflash: you're clueless. Stop trying to live in your own strength.

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