Saturday, January 25, 2014

Music Recommendation: The Doors

In addition to Coldplay and Avett Brothers vinyl, my record collection also gives a home to some old school jams. Including a The Doors' Greatest Hits. 

For whatever reason, I am really intrigued by this record right now, especially "Hello, I Love You." I usually don't think of The Doors when I think of ideal writing music, but their music has turned out to be pretty groovy. Some songs are chill enough to relax to, with a winding, kind of haunting sound, and others are strange and upbeat. And this is not even to mention that lead singer Jim Morrison was insanely, inexplicably attractive. The man was blessed, folks. 

Just a side note here, but I'm finding out things I never knew about myself, like that I really rather fancy guys (preferably musicians that came before my time) with really crazy awesome hair.
Exhibit A: Bob Dylan. 

^ This is currently the background to my email, so when I check for new messages, I see Bob. 

Exhibit B: Steven Tyler
Maybe not current day Steven Tyler, (DUDE LOOKS LIKE A LADY!) but at least this photo:

The Doors. 
Greatest Hits. 
Entertaining collection of songs, yes sir. 

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