Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Obsessions: Music

As obsessed as I am with music, I've never actually done anything especially daring when it comes to making musical purchases.

Ok, I did buy a banjo. There was that.

And also I seem to have let my entire Christmas list become overrun with vinyls of all kinds.

And then there is the fact that I tend to get extremely, intensely a little giddy about new music purchases and proceed to take startling selfies with said music purchases while in my car (in a band tee, no less).

Don't worry, I wasn't driving. AS FAR AS YOU KNOW

Also, just this morning I took the time to arrange the CDs I planned on listening to on the way to school for a Glorious Photo Opportunity.

And what did I end up listening to? A mix CD and the radio. OH THE CHOICES I HEAP UPON MYSELF IN BOUNTIFUL LOADS

Eh, anyways....

All this to say, yes, I am quite music obsessed, but I have never pre-ordered any such musical instrument/device/record as far as my very limited knowledge goes. But I think I just might have to do that, my good people, because Needtobreathe is releasing special edition colored vinyl and so on and so forth in a special preorder package for their fifth album. WHAT

That will be all, thank you, feel free to move about the rest of your day. HUZZAH!

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