Thursday, January 2, 2014

Inspiration Station

These very first two days of 2014 have been filled to the brim with inspiration. I'm a firm believer in inspiration leaking into every aspect of life. Sometimes it comes out of nowhere, other times it's entirely premeditated. My ultimate writing-kickstarter sessions almost always include a pastry scented candle, the music of Milo Greene, and, when available, the woods.

That or Pinterest.

Inspiration, for me, is a very sensory experience. When I'm typing away at my novel, I want to see, hear, feel, taste what is going on. Last semester's epic escapade into the world of Creative Writing class proved extremely useful. It taught me to take time to write, to immerse myself in the details, in the world of my story.

Let's hope 2014 brings with it bundles more of inspiration!

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