Friday, January 24, 2014


There are places that I go to get the vibe I'm after. Mocha scented cafes with Bob Dylan playing softly in the background. Bookstores with so many books that they have to attach ladders to their shelves, so readers can reach whatever title they choose. A long, open, country road.

Some days I really want to a photographer. I think today is one of those days. If I was really good at snapping photos, maybe I'd take my camera and string it around my neck, and snap pictures while he drives us somewhere, out into the country, out where adventure sings.

When I get in this kind of mood, ideas for my novel sort of fly out of my head at rapid speed, and I end up eschewing writing that article I need to write, and just playing around with my book all day. It's usually nothing short of glorious.  

Also, I think it is essential for every writer to have go-to writing music. This way, when the very finicky faucet that is inspiration dries up, you'll have some tunes to kick-start (hopefully!) some words. Here are my favorite writing albums:

1. Milo Greene, Milo Greene
2. Radical Face, Ghost
3. The Paper Kites, States
4. Fossil Collective, Tell Where I Lie
5. The Head & the Heart, Let's Be Still
6. The Civil Wars, Barton Hollow 

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