Sunday, January 12, 2014

Films: The Social Network

So, I may or may not have a crush on Andrew Garfield. And by crush, I mean a super obsessive problematic obsession. Obviously.

It all started when I saw him act alongside Emma Stone in The Amazing Spiderman, which, for the record, was amazing. It is now sitting amidst my treasure trove of DVDs (Harry Potter and The Lion King among them) on my shelf.

Usually I do not get too enthralled with actors and don't watch movies as a hobby of sorts. I will watch a film, and then go on my merry way. But now I've started watching Andrew Garfield movies, and even gotten my sister obsessed. Which leads me to The Social Network.

This film dared to do what no film before it had done: combine one pleasantly awkward actor {Jesse Eisenberg}with one alluringly British one {Andrew Garfield}, throw in a little pop star status {Justin Timberlake}, and expertly depict the rise and fall of the social media site I use daily {Facebook}.


It's a great movie, with excellent acting, casting, music, film's just a glorious, all around enjoyable experience. If you can find it {I checked my copy out at the local library}, I would recommend watching it for your viewing pleasure. The film details backstabbing, Harvard rowing and Andrew Garfield adorableness with ease. If nothing else, watch the movie to understand the following quote about chicken cannibalism:

And, I can't explain this following photo, but I feel like it somehow applies.

Also I should mention that this is now my phone wallpaper:

Thank you and goodnight.

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