Saturday, March 22, 2014

Character Sketch #4

It started with a simple coincidence. Like most things, it was by chance. Or not by chance. I'm not sure I really believe in accidents anymore.

It happened in the courtyard. He caught my eye, or maybe vice versa. Maybe at the same time.

Either way, we caught each other's eyes and stared, then bashfully averted our eyes. And yet, when I looked back up, his eyes were watching mine again. A smirk, a smile, crossed his face. The same one unfolded upon mine.

Not ten minutes later he sat down to eat his lunch in the place I sat down to eat mine. We never spoke. He never glanced up again.
After a while, he walked away.

He was a boy of fluffy hair and aspirations, I'm sure; a reader of books and an introspector of thoughts. He was passionate, confused. Maybe his friends found him aloof. Maybe he didn't have friends.

Goodbye, boy. Go where you will. Roam, live, dance. And maybe one day, when we least expect it, our eyes will meet again.

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