Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring is March-ing On

Today is no ordinary Thursday. Oh, no. Today is March 20, the first day of Spring. Huzzah!! Had you talked to me in December, I would have absolutely rebelled against the entire idea of Spring. I would have clung to my cardigans and squeezed tight to my scarfs. I wouldn't have wanted to give up a moment of that season for another.

Now that it's mid-March, however, I'm ready. My skin is starting to long for the warmth of the sun again. I'm tired of wearing long sleeves. I just want to be down at the beach.

And ya know, I really do love how the earth goes through seasons -- it's kind of magical. Kind of like it's becoming a whole new earth, reinventing itself. I love that God gave us different seasons. Of life. Of nature.

My favorite things about Spring:

Girly fashion. Did I really just say that? The girl eternally laced up in Converse kicks and American Eagle jeans?! Well, yep. When Spring comes, I'm finally ready to surrender my sweaters and pull on some floral shirts. And dresses! Who am I?

The warmth. Where I'm from, I'm not used to an extensive amount of cold, so when the chilly weather finally turns to sunshine skies again, I'm kind of excited.

 The romanticism. Nothing is quite so romantic like spring. Summer is too hot and sticky; fall is all brown and crispy; and winter is cold and sometimes dismal. Aside from the pollen, there's nothing too extreme or off-putting about Spring. It's the perfect time for strolls in the park with gallant , manly men. BE STILL MY FAINT HEART

School's out! Well, almost. In just a little over a month's time I'll be outta here. And what could be better about spending a wonderfully temperate season outside of the stuffy confines of class? Nothing, that's what!!

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  1. I love everything about this post and I couldn't agree more! I thought I'd be sad to shed comfy sweaters and chunky scarves too, but I'm loving everything that spring brings!! Bring on the warmer weather! :)


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