Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Spring Break To-Do List

Today begins the official first day of SPRING BREAK! *all the people sing* And, as we all know, Spring Break is never complete without a Spring Break To-Do List!! Unlike other To-do lists, this one is fun to complete (and to make). Here are the things I most want to do during break, 2014:

1. Take a bike ride. I'm all for getting up early, but I'm even more for getting up early when it involves taking a morning bike ride. Maybe on the beach, maybe to the park? I don't know. But it will be epic, and it will be great, and I will feel like a hipster. Or, at the very least, someone taking advantage of a beautiful day and glorious method of transit.

2. Go to the beach. Even though I live right by the sea, I'm not always the first to take advantage of the glorious sand and surf that is my backyard. (A shame, right?) So this Spring Break I solemnly vow (or at least, kind of vow) to go to the beach in the early morning, with my Bible and a yummy snack. Who knows, maybe I'll bike there?

What plans do you have for Spring Break?

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