Sunday, March 16, 2014

Satisfied Sunday #3

In yesterday's post I mentioned that I went to the beach during Spring Break. And boy, did I. For today's installment of  Satisfied Sunday, I would officially like to thank God for creating the ocean. I loved the beach as a kid, but for a while I've been in a phase where I don't like going at high noon. Too hot, ya dig? But now that Spring is coming (March 20th, people), the weather is getting warmer around here, and I'm starting to itch to go the shore.

Although my sister and I went to the beach three times during the afternoon (I'm now completely bronzed as a result), I also woke up early one morning to go run by the sea alone, sans iPod. Something great about the ocean is that you can't feel big while standing beside it. The horizon just goes on forever. I love standing beside the waters and praying, or just staring out at the sky and wondering how it is possible that I only live a five minutes' drive away from the ocean.

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  1. I feel ya.

    One time, when I was away with a group from church. I ran down to the beach early in the morning while everyone was still asleep and sat by the water and prayed. Something came over me in that moment and I got up, stripped down to my underwear (TMI?) and bounded into the crisp water and swam, and prayed and rejoiced. I have never felt more alive.

    The ocean is a true sanctuary


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