Monday, March 24, 2014

Music & Manly Men Mondays {featuring Josiah Leming}

So, I decided that Mondays can get pretty boring if I let them, so why not look forward to this blessed day with three things that are very dear to my heart: music, men, and alliteration. (The last being a joke, but seriously, any chance I get to use alliteration, I will. Oh, yes.)

So begins the maiden voyage of Music & Manly Men Mondays! Today's musical guest is a two-for-one; both a manly man and a musician. His name is Josiah Leming, and he makes the kind of painful piano music (including faux-British accent) that is just melancholy enough to write to. He's kind of like Tom Odell before Tom Odell existed.

He was on American Idol back in the day, but he's a singer songwriter and continues to put out his own passionate piano ballads, despite not having become a huge name. And I kind of like that about him -- he's not some massive celebrity, but he is a true artist.

Not all of his music is worth listening to, but the track I recommend is Over and Over.  Also, he's attractive.

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