Sunday, March 23, 2014

Satisfied Sunday #4

It's not always easy to be thankful. There are always reasons to be thankful, of course; there are great films (like The Amazing Spiderman), and poignant poetry (I'm looking at you, T.S.Eliot) and bowls full of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. But often it's not my first reaction to praise God for all that He has done.

Today, I just want to thank Him for my family, and for my church, and just life in general. This weekend I've been sick with a cold, and lacking in my usual energy, so I'm a little mopey. But I'm so grateful to be alive, and have a wonderful family, and to have the right and freedom to attend church. I have a very blessed life, and I need to be more thankful for it.

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  1. Praise God for you and your strength to be thankful in tough times. Praying you feel better soon and get back to your usual rhythm


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