Saturday, March 8, 2014

My Weekend with Mom

To kick off Spring Break, my mom and I spent a couple of days at our tiny cottage, completing crazy difficult crossword puzzles, watchin' movies (see Dan in Real Life for heartwarming comedy; Captain Phillips for pirate-filled suspense), and thrifting galore. It was a simple, but glorious time with my momma!

Oh, and we also saw a massive pink elephant with one glowing orange eyeball. Obviously.

Anyways. We had a ball! We ate at Outback; I ran 8 miles; we drove around the rural countryside; I nommed on Easter candy (why can't this be year round?!). And, we bought things. Oh, did we buy things.

Mom & Erin Thrifting Score 

Mom: Three magazines; two books; depression glass antique bowls and plates; fabric swatches
Erin: Four Cds (Yes, two were old Avril Lavigne albums....but I refuse to be shamed *basking in nostalgia*); one fuzzy puppy dog ring (again, no shame whatsoever); an old photograph from 1941; two magazines

Yeah, we had fun.

We had a really great time. It was brief, but nonetheless enjoyable. Now I'm looking forward to the wonderful wonder that is Spring Break! More about that to come. 

Also: I have so appreciated y'all's sweet comments on my last posts. I don't really blog uber-regularly, but it's super encouraging to know that someone is actually reading this, at least some of the time. So thanks, you!

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